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Akshayah was started in 2005 to give children an opportunity to dream, dare and do. The motto of our school encourages the young to dream, to use their imagination to soar to what they can be and then dare to follow that dream with the reality of action.

At Akshayah we aim to teach the child that everything he learns at school will help to improve the quality of his life - punctuality, discipline, good manners, respect for authority, kindness towards the weak, compassion for the needy. All this is as important as the formal subjects he learns in school, in making him a worthy individual who will be a credit to his family, his school and the society in which he lives.

Do you believe that you can be anything you want to be?

We believe in you. And we are here to help you chase your dreams and realize them.

This is your school. Nothing can make us happier than seeing you go out into the world and shine like a star.

It all begins with you. You need to dream large. You need to believe. You need to work hard and smart. You need to persevere.

We are here to stand by you, to catch you when you fall, to help you set your feet on the path to your dreams.

Go on. Make that plan. Nothing can stop you if you dream, dare and do.