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co curriculum

Children run.
Towards some things.
Away from others.
They fall, pick themselves up,
and keep on going.
At Akshayah, we help them
get to wherever they want to be.


In addition to classroom instruction, school-wide cultural programmes and assemblies are held. Awareness, sensitivity and appreciation of cultural diversity is encouraged among the students of Akshayah. A variety of programmes and events take place in Akshayah, which include morning assemblies, field trips and inter-house competitions both cultural and sports.

Extra-curriculum activities serve as a platform for students and teachers to interact on an informal basis. They provide an opportunity to develop teamwork, improve the students creative abilities and help them to find new interests. The following are the activities offered by the school.

Classes VI-IX

1. The school choir comprises of students who enjoy singing songs over a wide spectrum, from old traditional hymns to contemporary hits. Exceptional voice training is imparted to these students to strike the right note and sing harmoniously together.

2. The Scouts and Guides Movement was started in Akshayah in 2010. The students of VI-VII are actively part of this movement each year. Their motto is "TAIYAR" which means 'Be Prepared'. There are four Companies named after precious stones. The Companies are taught the Guide Law and the Oath.

3. There is the Eco Club for Class VIII. The objective of the Eco Club is to make our students understand the environment and the environmental problems facing the society we live in and to make them think of solutions through activities which are guided by the teachers in charge.

4. Students of Class IX take part in the R.S.P. Programme (Road Safety Patrol) every year. Their objectives are to help traffic police in regulating traffic and educate road users while regulating traffic.

5. The school Brass Band was introduced in June 2014. It consists of students from Classes VI through IX. The students are taught to play instruments like the trumpet, drums, cymbals and euphonium.